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Pool Enclosures
Affordable Pool Enclosures in Georgetown, TX | Crafted Construction Co - pool1

Pool Enclosures in Georgetown, TX

Secure Your Pool

Welcome guests to your poolside cabana that’s both fun and safe for all.

Provide a safe swimming environment for you and your family by investing in the proper pool enclosure. Crafted Construction can complete your home’s curb appeal while preventing small children and household pets from entering the pool without your knowledge. We want to make sure you and your loved ones are safe while properly enjoying your home amenities.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission sets rules and regulations when it comes to installing a fence around a pool. It’s important to hire a professional who knows your local codes for the exact specifications that apply to your project. At a minimum, all pool fences should be the height of your pool fence should be at least 48” above the ground and contain a self-closing, self-locking gate.

Crafted Construction will personally inspect the pool area and discuss the options for materials and required distance from the pool for installation. Our recommended metal fencing is designed to provide you with a clear view of the pool area while ensuring a secure barrier.

Crafted Construction does not install glass or screen pool enclosures

Do you have big plans for your backyard this season? Tell us about them.

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Live the Good Life

From above-ground and recreational pools to infinity and natural pools, it’s important to maintain the proper safety guidelines. Regardless of if you have young children or family pets that could easily fall into the aquatic landscape, building a pool enclosure will also ensure less maintenance. Proper fencing will help keep large wild animals such as deer and alligators from creating a living space in or near your pool. In addition, the fence will be the first line of defense against natural elements during a storm or weather advisory, adding some protection to the pool lining and overall foundation.

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Providing Peace of Mind

Having a pool is typically high on the homeowner wish list, especially when looking to embrace the Texas heat. To keep safety concerns at bay, Crafted Construction provides the highest quality pool enclosures. These self-closing, self-latching gates bring you peace of mind knowing you can easily secure the area when the pool isn’t in use.

Let’s Talk About Your Pool Enclosure Project

Don’t wait to make your dream outdoor space a reality. Crafted Construction is here to help you design, build, and execute the backyard you’ve been waiting for.