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Patios in Georgetown, TX

A Staycation Never Looked So Good

Enjoy everything your backyard has to offer with a newly constructed patio fit for all occasions.

Create a fun outdoor space meant for the whole family to enjoy. Adding a patio to your outdoor landscape design allows you to turn a previously unused space into a centerpiece for entertainment and relaxation.

At Crafted Construction, we offer a wide variety of materials to make up your hardscape patio—concrete, brick, stone, and more. Meant for heavy traffic areas and to withstand the elements, our hardscape patios are low maintenance, so you can spend your time on fun instead of upkeep. Crafted Construction is dedicated to creating a patio that compliments you, your home, and your backyard.

Do you have big plans for your backyard this season? Tell us about them.

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Screened-In Patios

Eliminate the hassle of applying bug-spray at night and swatting bees from your afternoon lunch with a screened-in patio. Screened-in patios, or sunrooms, provide you with additional space in your home for storage or entertaining while allowing you to still experience the fresh-air and sunlight. Crafted Construction is able to bring you an unobstructed view of the outdoors while protecting you from the inconvenient elements of nature.

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Enclosed Patios

Get more use out of your home by adding extra space with an enclosed patio. Enclosed patios are simply an addition to your home that shield you from the outdoor elements, consisting of multiple windows. Experience the great outdoors without actually having to step foot outside by lounging, entertaining, or dining in this space.

With an enclosed patio from Crafted Construction, you can utilize the enclosed patio all year long, despite the weather. Some enclosed patio structures allow you to install heating and air units so you can enjoy a cooler climate even on the hottest of days. 

Let’s Talk About Your Patio Project

Don’t wait to make your dream outdoor space a reality. Crafted Construction is here to help you design, build, and execute the backyard you’ve been waiting for.