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Outdoor Kitchens
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Hand-Crafted Outdoor Kitchens in Georgetown, TX

Bring Something Great to the Great Outdoors

Our hand-crafted outdoor kitchens take backyard barbeques to a whole new level.

Elevate your cooking standards by bringing the kitchen to the backyard. The days of cooking indoors while the sun is shining and the air is fresh are over—Crafted Construction can bring the inside out, with a custom built outdoor kitchen. From elaborate and grand designs to cozy and compact, we can provide you with a safe and durable all-weather space fit for function.

When designing an outdoor kitchen, it’s important to take into account the elements each structure will face—enduring high temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Our certified construction team works with you to discuss the materials required, while designing a functional layout to account for food prep, cooking, and entertaining. Choose from concrete, brick, and rock work to create your living space and let us do the rest.

**Crafted Construction is not licensed to install any plumbing or electrical work, but can subcontract if desired

Do you have big plans for your backyard this season? Tell us about it.

Outdoor Kitchens Georgetown TX | Crafted Construction Co - outdoorkitchen2

Kitchens Bring Everyone Together

Whether your family loves making homemade pizzas or you are constantly entertaining large groups of people, adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard will prove to be beneficial. No longer will you have to focus on heavy foot traffic indoors, lack of space, or being cut-off from the rest of the party while cooking—outdoor kitchens bring everyone together in the same area.

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Save Your Energy with an Outdoor Kitchen

Nine months out of the year you’re able to utilize your backyard oasis in the state of Texas. But, we all know the heat can often take a toll on our electrical bill when we’re running in and out of the air conditioning and cooking multiple meals a day. By adding an outdoor kitchen to your space, you’re able to save money on energy bills—not to mention have all the cooking smells remain outdoors.

Let’s Talk About Your Outdoor Kitchen Project

Don’t wait to make your dream outdoor space a reality. Crafted Construction is here to help you design, build, and execute the backyard you’ve been waiting for.