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Find Your Perfect Fence in Georgetown, TX

Take your privacy seriously with a fence built by the experts.

Protect your privacy and improve your home’s curb appeal with a quality fence from Crafted Construction. Whether you want to block out your neighbors or create a quiet sanctuary among your flowers, we can help you execute a fence fit for your oasis.

At Crafted Construction, choose from your preferred material and discuss with our experts the sizing and structure of your fence. If you’re looking to block out noise or add additional privacy, a taller, more structured fence may be advised. But, if you’re wanting to add a bit of curb appeal and aesthetic to your property, our designers may suggest a more open and decorative approach. Regardless of your desired outcome, Crafted Construction can build it.

Do you have big plans for your backyard this season? Tell us about them.

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Your Fencing Options

Your new fence should compliment your backyard and provide you with a sense of sophistication. Crafted Construction offers various fencing material options to bring privacy to a whole new level. We can construct a fence anywhere from six to ten feet in height, and design the posts to fit either horizontally or vertically.

  • Wooden posts
  • Metal posts
  • Treated pine
  • Cedar 
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Protect Your Property and Your Privacy

Preserve your yard with property fencing from Crafted Construction. Whether you’re looking to keep family pets within your acreage while keeping unwanted wildlife out or simply need to protect your trees and shrubs from wind damage, our variety fencing options can help. With fence installation from Crafted Construction, privacy is a luxury anyone can afford. You and your family can experience all your backyard has to offer without concern for unwanted eyes. Wood fencing is also known to help cut down on the noises in the neighborhood, letting you relax in peace.

Let’s Talk About Your Fencing Project

Don’t wait to make your dream outdoor space a reality. Crafted Construction is here to help you design, build, and execute the backyard you’ve been waiting for.